Bardolino vineyards are mirrored in lake Garda, in a pre-alpine environment, rich with Mediterranean colours and perfumes. The mild climate, the exposition to the sunshine, the perfect balancing between rains and temperature, the variety of soils (sand, pebbles and clay) the passion and ability of the producers, all these qualities together make Bardolino a particularly pleasant wine, highly appreciated at an international level. The grape blend is the same of Valpolicella wines: mainly Corvina, Rondinella and Moinara, but the result is a completely different wine even if Valpolicella is only few kilometers from Bardolino wine producing area. A proof of the fundamental importance of the terroir in the final result of wine making.

Bardolino is one of the first DOC (Italian quality label) wines in Veneto. The DOC label was registered in 1968. In the Novello version Bardolino is the first DOC for a nuveau wine. From 2001 Bardolino Superiore has been recognized as a DOCG wine, Italian top quality label. The first in Veneto.


Bardolino DOC and Bardolino Classico DOC

Bardolino D.O.C. and Bardolino Classico D.O.C. have a ruby red colour, similar sometimes to the one of a cherry that turns into a garnet-red colour when aging. It is characterized by a soft and spicy fragrance, a dry taste and an harmonic and pleasant flavour. It can be easily drunk and it is particularly nourishing thanks to its richness of antioxidants.

Bardolino is a wine that should be drunk within few years from the vintage. It is a quite versatile wine easy to pair so that it is often referred to as an “all meal wine“. It can accompany any kind of dish, salami, chicken, veal, roast beef. It is excellent with risotto, light sauce pastas and soups. A very popular pairing with pizza.

It can be served directly at cellar temperature: 15-16°.

Bardolino Superiore DOCG

Bardolino can be called Superiore when it has an alcoholic percentage of at least 12° and is aged for at least one year. To meet the quality standards expected from a DOCG wine, Barodolino producers had to reduce the yield per hectar by introducing vine clones focusing on quality rather than on quantity. A careful selection of the best grapes is also operated in the vineyards during harvest.

Bardolino Superiore DOCG has an intense ruby red colour that turns into a light garnet-red colour when aging. The nose offers a special and delicate fragrance with a dry taste. Bardolino Superiore has the same fruity and floral characteristics of the basic Bardolino wine but with more structure and body. Those Bardolino Superiore aged in barrels can be also characterized by a spicy aroma.

Bardolino Superiore can maintain its particular features even when aging for a few years. It is better to drink it within 6-8 years from the vintage.

It can accompany many Veneto traditional dishes such as boiled meat with pearà, roast meat, duck, and some game dishes. Bardolino Superiore DOCG is the perfect wine for matured cheese, vegetarian meals and for any other kind of tasty cheeses. To be served at 17°-19°.

Bardolino Novello DOC

Novello means “new wine”. Bardolino can be labelled “novello” if it is bottled before December 31st of the same year of harvest. It is usually released on the market on November 6th.

Bardolino Novello is made with carbonic maceration wine making technique. With this technique the whole bunches of grapes are fermented in tanks saturated with carbon dioxide. With this method, fermentation occurs inside each individual grape berry. The resulting wine is fruity and smooth thanks to the low tannin level. It is ready to drink few month after harvest but it cannot last for long because of its lack of structure.

Bardolino Novello DOC is characterized by an elegant and intense ruby red colour, a fruity fragrance that reminds of raspberries, strawberries and wild cherries. The taste is delicate, fresh, tasty, harmonic and very pleasant. Thanks to these features it is ideal for grilled fish and particularly for risotto, white boiled meat and roast beef. To be served fresh, directly from cellar at 14-15°.

Bardolino Chiaretto DOC

Chiaretto is a word meaning light in Italian. Bardolino Chiaretto is a rosé wine, made with a short skin contact wine making technique. Bardolino Chiaretto DOC has an unusual and incredibly elegant rosé colour, with special shades that reminds the colour of a rose, coral and salmon. The floral fragrance is characterized by the perfume of a rose, wisteria, and of other spring flowers. The taste is very pleasant, fresh, tasty and refreshing. Thanks to its special fragrance and to its natural perfume, Bardolino Chiaretto DOC is the ideal wine for antipasti (Italian appetizers), salami, Parma ham and cold meats, risotto, white meat and pizza. To be served cool 10-12°.