Valpolicella Wineries

Because of its old history that goes back to the Roman Age, Valpolicella Classica is an extremely complex wine producing area. There are more then 400 wineries in Valpolicella Classica, each with its own history, values, style and character.

Many Amarone wineries are still family estates of few hectars, handed down from generation to generation and still following the old traditional wine making techniques. Other wineries are new style cellars using cutting edge technology in the production of very modern Amarones, Valpolicellas and Ripasso together with more creative wines. There are wineries hosted in gorgeous Renaissance and Baroque style villas decorated with stunning frescos and statues and surrounded by romantic gardens. And there are also few factory style wineries producing millions of bottle per year in huge cellars.

If we also consider the extended Valpolicella wine producing area, where in recent years emerged few top quality wineries, the choices in the organization of an Amarone wine tour become almost unlimited.

Thanks to our long experience, Amarone Tours will take care of chosing the wineries in the organization of a wine tasting itinerary in Valpolicella. Our guides are all wine experts, sommeliers, wine tours specialists. Thanks to their experience we have been able to build a wide network of Amarone wineries willing to collaborate with us, open their cellars and share their knowledge and wines with visitors and wine enthusiasts from all over the world.

When organizing a Valpolicella and Amarone winery tour for our guests we select some of the most representative wineries in the area in order to give a comprehensive experience of what Valpolicella has to offer. For a half day winery tour we usually choose a small, family run cellar and a bigger, historical one. With a full day tour in Valpolicella is possible to include also a visit to big, modern wineries or to compare different estates sharing the same wine making style, both in Valpolicella Classica and Extended Valpolicella area.

Customized Wine Tours

Our wine tours are fully customizable so if there are wineries in particular that you would like to visit you only need to tell us and we will try if it is possible to include it in your tour.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any information and further details on our Amarone and Valpolicella tour or to book your exclusive wine tasting tour.