Villa della Torre – Allegrini

Villa della Torre is not properly a winery even if, since it has been acquired by Allegrini few years ago, it has become an important hospitality facility of this estate where, together with standard tours, it is also possible to have wine tastings. The villa often hosts cultural events such as concerts, exhibitions, lectures ans is also available for private events like wedding receptions, parties, meetings, etc.

Villa della Tore is in Fumane, in the heart of one of the five villages that constitute the territory of Valpolicella Classica, the historic wine producing region of Valpolicella, Amarone and Recioto wines.
The building is all surrounded by vineyards that, even before Allegrini acquisition of the villa, were used by this estate for the production of one of their most appreciated wines: Palazzo della Torre. This is how, locals refer to Villa della Torre, literally “della Torre palace”.

The Renaissance masterpiece

Villa della Torre is an authentic masterpiece of Renaissance architecture. The architect who designed it is unknown, but many features of the structure let art historians believe that behind the villa might be Giulio Romano or at least one of his pupils. Villa della Torre, in many aspects, reminds of Palazzo Te, most famous work by Giulio Romano who, in the first decades of 1500s, when the villa was created, was working in Mantua, not far from Verona, at the Gonzaga family court.
Villa della Torre has been designed to remind of a domus, the typical residence of ancient Rome noble families. In the center of the building there is the typical courtyard where, instead of the Roman impluvium, the tank used in ancient Roman time to collect rain water, there is a beautiful fountain. All around the inner courtyard there is an arcade with columns made of local stone. From here there is the access to rooms.

The Fireplaces

The most famous characteristic of Villa della Torre are the massive fireplaces, still used today, carved out of single blocks of stone into the shapes of animals and monsters. The real purpose of these unique representation is unclear and might have been related to some kind of esoteric meaning. Their imposing presence contribute to the fascinating atmosphere of this place.

On the backyard of Villa della Torre, like in Palazzo Te in Mantua, there are some ponds connected by a beautiful bridge and a wide open space that in the past was probably an Italian style garden with a maze of box trees.

Tours and Wine Tastings

Villa della Torre can be visited upon request. Together with the tour is is possible to have a tasting of a selection of Allegrini wines in the modern and cosy wine tasting room. If at Allegrini headquarter, not far from Villa della Torre, is is possible to try only wines produced in Verona province, at Villa della Torre it is also possible to try, together with Valpolicella and Amarone, to whole selection of Allegrini, including wines from their estates in Tuscany: Poggio al Tesoro in Bolgheri wine producing region and San Polo in Montalcino.

For further information or details on wine tours at Villa della Torre or in Valpolicella: or call +39 389 983 5269.