Fumane is one of the five villages that constitutes Valpolicella Classica wine producing region, a very ancient territory. Archeological findings prove the human presence here since prehistoric age and through the centuries important architectural monuments were built.

Even inside Valpolicella Classica small territory, small geological and climatic differences influence the taste of the wines produced around various villages. The Amarones produced in Fumane are among the most complete, with a wide complexity that needs to be handled carefully by wine makers in order to be preserved intact.

Beside wine, also the history and characteristics of each village and its territory are different.

Villa Della Torre

One of the most amazing buildings in Fumane is Villa Della Torre, built in the second half of 1500s. The architect is still unknown but, due to the artistic and symbolic complexity of this masterpiece it must have been an important architect of the time such as Giulio Romano or Michele Sanmicheli who designed the facade, the tower and the small private church.

The villa tooks inspiration from the typical ancient Roman imperial villa, with the characteristic inner courtyard surrounded by rusticated pillars.

One of the most mysterious feature of Villa Della Torre are its fireplaces, shaped like huge monsters, works of the sculptor Bartolomeo Ridolfi. Their symbolic meaning is related to the Renaissance idea that man can tame Nature and its wild character even if its scaring presence is always around.

The villa is surrounded by beautiful vineyards used by Allegrini winery for the production of one of their most succesfull wines: Palazzo Della Torre.

Villa Della Torre has been bought by Allegrini few years ago and now is open to guests for visits and wine tours and available for various events such as weddings, meetings, concerts, presentations, etc.

The Mountains and Molina Waterfalls

Fumane is one of the gates to northern Valpolicella, with its mountains ans small villages like Cavalo, a lovely hamlet with its tiny alleys, small houses made of stone, arches, porticos, simple sculpures wedged into walls.

Keep on driving towards mountains you will encounter San Zeno’s church and Masua fortress built in 1800s from where is possible to admire a breathtaking view above the below valleys and Mount Baldo.

Carrying on along the road you will reach Molina, an old village of water mills that used the abundance of brooks and waterfalls in the area. Today is famous for its natural park extended over more than 150.000 square meters, rich in rock spurs, steep rock faces, caves and many fascinating waterfalls surrounded by luxuriant vegetation.

Guided Tours in Valpolicella – Fumane

Fumane is a fundamental destination of many guided tours organized by the tourist guides of Amarone Tours in Valpolicella.

An half day tour will mainly focus on wine tastings in famous or small family run wineries. At Villa Della Torre it will be possible to pair the visit of a gorgeous Renaissance villa with a wine tasting of Allegrini products.

With a full day tour it will be possible to pair a winery tour in one or two wineries with lunch in one of the many restaurants in Fumane, where it is possible to try typical Valpolicella cuisine, and then drive north for a visit of one of the fascinating mountain hamlets or to Molina waterfalls park.

Do not hesitate to contact Amarone Tours for further information or to book a guided tour of Valpolicella.