Verona is famous world wide as the town of Romeo and Juliet but, beside being one of Italian main tourist center thanks to its old history and a lively and bustling business and industrial city, the territory surrounding Verona is also well known for its wines.


The most famous wine of Verona is with no doubt the Valpolicella, deeply rooted to the history and tradition of the town and the territory. Valpolicella has been an important wine producing area since Roman age, and grape varietals grown there are so rooted to the land that are difficult to grow anywhere else.
The standard Valpolicella is a simple, everyday wine, yet elegant and easy to pair with food. Its main characteristics are the fruitiness, especially the notes of cherry, and the well balances acidity.
Valpolicella is the most common wine you will find in Verona osterias (traditional restaurant) and wine bars.


In Valpolicella it is also produced the Amarone, the “king” of Verona wines. In recent years Amarone has become one of the most appreciated top Italian wines, together with Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino and Nobile di Montepulciano.
Amarone is a very special wine, made with a unique wine making technique. Selected Valpolicella grapes are left to dry for four months after harvest and then squeezed and fermented. The resulting wine is then aged in barrels for a minimum of two years. During Autumn wine tours it is possible to visit the drying lofts of wineries where thousands of bunches are laid to dry on racks and crates piled one on top of the other up to the ceiling. The smell is delicious.
Amarone is a structured, powerful yet elegant and smooth wine, with a high alcohol content (around 15-16) and wonderful complexity. A real “meditation” wine.


Soave is Italian most exported white wine. It is produced in a beautiful hilly area on the East side of Verona territory rich in history and tradition with, in its center, the village of Soave with the middle age castle.
Soave is a light, dry, savoury white wine, excellent with appetizers and fish dishes. Chilled, it is probably the most popular aperitif you will find in main Verona wine bars.

Wine Tours in Valpolicella and other Verona Wine Producing Areas

For those who want to discover Verona wines, Amarone Tours organizes escorted wine tours in all Verona wine producing areas. It will be an unforgettable experience in which you will learn all the secrets of Amarone, Soave and other Verona wines, discover the most traditional wineries, talk directly to the wine makers and of course taste great wine.
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